Session 6

Our party makes it back to Sandpoint mostly intact. Li Quan, though, is in desperate need of healing. Doak Thunderskull sees it necessary to leave the party for a short while to look in to his financial interests back in Korvosa. They arrive at the temple to be met by Father Zantaus who immediately asks if they have achieved victory. The heroes inform him that they goblins would be of no concern to the town anymore. Zantaus calls for an acolyte to come and heal the fallen hero. Dromian comes forth, and after a brief moment of contention with Ilan, sets to work on Li. Li rebounds miraculously from his massive internal wounds, but is still so sore that he just wants a peaceful nights rest. Father Zantaus suggests that since they spend so much time seeking divine healing at his temple, they may benefit from the more permanent company of Dromian. Once the party agrees, the senior priest assigns Dromian to be their spiritual guide. The party takes rest in The Rusty Dragon only to be disturbed once in the early evening. Shalelu Andosana collapsed in town center after her near success with the goblin guerrillas. Anna Swiftbrook offered her a bed to rest in her room for the night.

The morning came and in each room, a note was found slid under the doors. Belor Hemlock and his militia had made it back from dealing with the third problem goblin clan and wished to see the party immediately. He informed them that a murderer was on the loose. The manner of mutilation suggested that it may be a copycat of “The Chopper” from years before. He has thus far kept it hidden from the community at large for fear of panic. His men are beaten and bruised from the combat with the goblins and cannot tackle this alone. There is one other thing. A note that is addressed to Anna. The note was frighteningly intimate and may have suggested that she was next. After receiving several leads from Hemlock, they take off to investigate the scene of the fresh double murder. The sawmill.

They all arrive at the sawmill to view the evidence of a grizzly struggle. The first victim, Katrine, had been put through the log splitter. The other, Harkin, was mauled by something. Attention soon shifts to a mysterious axe in the room. The odor of decaying flesh seems to be coming from it, rather than the bodies who have not yet begun decomposing. Ilan attempts to detect magic and found it radiating with deep necromancy. Meanwhile, the rest of the group have noticed that their new companion, Dromian, has a somewhat different ritual than they’ve seen from most priests. In payment for his service (last rites, healing, blessing) Dromian takes a sliver of flesh and ingests it with his sharp, steel capped teeth. The party begins bickering when Ilan announces his findings. Oblivious to the possible ramifications of her words, Anna simply says, “Burn it”.

Ilan could no longer hold back his impulse. Before the phrase was complete, his eyes lit with flame and he began to feel the glorious heat overtake him. Realizing her mistake, Anna made for the door closely followed by Dromian, Li, and one of the two guards on the crime scene. The other would be lost to the grand explosion. The onlookers were pushed back to safety by the party and the guards, just in time for the methane in the nearby marsh to explode. And explode over and over again. Geysers of flame reached into the sky as the mill burned to ash. Hoping to usher the public to a safer location, Anna tried to explain to the crowd the dangers of the fire, however they were too awestruck to listen. Li stepped in in a menacing fashion and with a poor choice of words intimated that if they didn’t run away, they would be killed next. That put the spurs to them.

Beating a hasty retreat, our heroes were trying to make it out of town to investigate a less public sanatorium when Sheriff Hemlock chased them down in the street. After hearing their side of the story, Hemlock decided that the best place for them, at least for the evening, was jailed.

Session 6

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