str 12 dex 15 con 12 int 16 wis 19 cha 11

alignment NG

Human male


Left on the doorstep of a temple of Sarenrae, swaddled in what is apparently a family heirloom (a magical cloak with an untraceable crest) Kristov was destined for the clergy. His entire 17 years have been spent cloistered in the libraries, temple, and grounds of the monastery/orphanage. His destiny has been to become a priest of Sarenrae. Until recently he had no desire to leave the walls of his home… but events have come about that has forced him to leave his home.

Kristov is completely naive about the nature of humanity outside of the men and women of the cloth, and the children housed within his church. This naivete will certainly lead to interesting and tragic events.


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