The SBH Pathfinder Adventures!

Ye Olde Fishery

What Stinks?

Tonight our heroes went into the bowels of the old fishery in search of Gaedron Lamm. Anna Swiftbrook took the lead to scout and found some key information. The main form of security was an old dog that was never alerted to their presence. She reconnoitered what rooms she could see into successfully and a plan was hatched. She and Li Quan disguised themselves respectively as a young orphan for labor and one of Lamm’s thugs. Li kicked open the door to the workfloor where a sweatshop was operated and threw in Anna. Anna posed as a worker to gain Hookshanks Gruller, the foreman’s trust. Then she gutted him from behind. Scotty rushed in with a sleep sonnet to put the child workers at ease and the team quickly carried them all from harms way. But that wasn’t quite good enough for Kristov and Li. They made off with an unattended cart to carry the children to the City Watch. When they returned, the owner of the cart, Ilan was standing where the cart should have been looking quite perturbed and confused.

While they were arguing matters over the cart, Anna slinked away and began pulling adversaried out of the fishery one at a time. The first enemy worked like a charm, but when she went back, the other hooligans and their workmaster, Giggles, got wise. They rushed her through a side door. While the youngsters feet were light and nimble across the rickety planks, the half-orc was not. He plummeted through the rotten boards to find a jigsaw shark awaiting him below. It was a brutal battle that left both dead. The other 3 of Lamm’s lambs were quickly dispatched. The one named Willam was incinerated by Kristov. Li merely frightened one into submission and subdued the other despite Anna’s pleas to make him die.

They entered into the fishery to meet Yargin Balko. Balko knew there were intruders and was ready for them. He wasn’t ready for the behemoth monk leaping over 15 feet to deliver a massive blow from his staff. Balko managed a single successful hit from his wand of acid spray, but it was inconsequential. Li had rendered him unconscious. When he came to, the group intimidated him into telling where Lamm could be found. He sung like a canary.

To reach Lamm, the team had to board a spider infested abandoned ship hull. Once aboard, they went through the arachnids quick enough and down to Lamm’s lair.

They had heard some rustling at the door of Lamm’s hideout, but no one came through the door. What they had heard was Lamm, knowing an attack was imminent, shot his own pet alligator to enrage it then run back in to his chambers to barricade himself in. When they burst through the door, the alligator rushed them. Everyone got into the melee’ and put an end to it. But Lamm was ready. When the broke down his door, he spent a wicked adamantine bolt on Li, the largest threat. Li crumpled, nearly dead but Kristov quickly revived him. Anna and Scotty distracted Lamm until Li could gain ground and subdue him with a brutal staff blow.

When Lamm finally woke, he was questioned about all of the wrongdoing he had perpetrated on the party. He was completely indignant. Anna had had enough and slipped by the rest of the party. She drove her dagger through his manhood. Lamm’s heart couldn’t take the pain nor the shock. He expired. The group found all of their missing goods in his quarters. In addition they found Queen Ileosa’s long missing brooch, worth a small fortune in reward.

They also discover a grim secret. In a hat box, covered in flies, they find the head of Zellara. Her Harrow Deck was locked in a footlocker. It seems that when Zellara confronted Lamm over the murder of her son, Lamm had her executed. It was her spirit that had commisioned the heroes to exact revenge and justice on Lamm and his cohorts.

When they surface from the fishery, it is apparent that something is drastically wrong. The city is in flames. Anarchy has taken the streets. Roving mobs are looting and torching everything in site. The cryer calls out, “The King is dead, long live the Queen” while the mobs answer, “The Queen is a whore!!”. In the mere hours our heroes were fighting their battles, the entire city-state of Korvosa has been turned insideo out.



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