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Land of New Opportunity

Welcome to Sandpoint

Our heroes, just emerging from Gaedron Lamm’s lair, are immersed in riots and all manner of civil disobedience. The beloved king of Korvosa is dead and the mostly disdained Queen Ileosa. The citizens have taken to arson, looting, and violence to protest. Structure fires erupt all over the city. The heroes look to the skies to find psuedodragons and ice mephits battling in impressive dog-fight fashion. Seeing the ice devils in the open had an effect on Ilan. He could not contain himself. His eyes glazed over and he started to immolate. Within seconds, he was fully engulfed in flame, but unharmed, and doing battle with the imps himself. The unexpected sight of Ilan’s manifestation of rage took Anna by surprise so much that she hightailed it to the watch house with Scotty to retrieve the cart that their companions relieved Ilan of. The rest of the party took up Ilan’s cause and successfully did battle with the mephits, spraying ice shards over the streets of Korvosa. With the enemy dead, Ilan resumed normalcy and his cart was returned sans his possessions. Everyone pitched in to recover Doak’s stolen merchandise from an abandoned warehouse. They then turned their attention to the brooch. While Ilan and Anna both were in favor of trying to sell the item on the street, Li Quan’s cooler head prevailed and they made their way to the palace.

They were met with some skepticism when they arrived, but were soon ushered into the throne room by a heavily armored aid named Sabina. Queen Ileosa, grief stricken and in mourning gowns, was very pleased to have her property returned in her darkest hour. She rewarded our heroes, not only monetarily, but with the honor of traveling to Sandpoint as Korvosan dignitaries, as she could not spare a single statesman in this time of unrest. They agreed to go and represent the city-state to the best of their abilities.

Setting sail the next day, the trip was uneventful. It was a 10 day travel from Korvosa to Sandpoint. They were greeted at the dock by Mayor Kendra Deverin and her sheriff, Belor Hemlock. Mayor Deverin seemed to take an instant liking to Li, ultimately inviting him to her manor later that evening. They were shown to their rooms at the Rusty Dragon and informed that they would attend the annual Swallowtail Festival the next day as VIP’s. The evening ended as the party relaxed in one form or another. Most retired to their rooms, but Scotty patronized The Pixie’s Kitten and found a striking halfling young lady to sate his appetite. Li took the mayor up on her invitation and was not seen till the next morning.

After dining on an impressive breakfast feast, the events of the festival began. The welcoming speeches seemed to go on and on. Then the swallowtail butterflies were released and the entertainment began. The party even added to the festivities. Scotty played his flute, Li had composed a kata in honor of his fallen master that he performed. Even Ilan gave many lectures which held the attention of the master of the local academy.

The consecration of the evening came at dusk when Father Zantus took the podium. Just as he began to speak, screams came from the crowd. Then more screams from another direction. When the streets began to clear, our heroes can see a raiding party of goblins have taken strategic placement and have begun to pillage.


Reads well. Am looking forward to the next game!

Land of New Opportunity

Li Quan’s introduction to ‘the thousand petal river’ with the mayor may influence his journey to perfection to include lots of sex. Shades of Dudley Mangrove, perhaps?

Land of New Opportunity

he can wear a golden buddhist wheel of life on a chain. explore the wonders of the “live show”. i have the source book with the… ahem, appropriate feats and even magic items for the job!

Land of New Opportunity

and doak killed 5 goblins, thank you very much, before being waylayed by that flamer. : ) great summarization though. can’t wait to play with my best buds again. SHORT BUS HEROES FOR LIFE!!!

Land of New Opportunity

to bad the big bad dwarf got KOed by the skinny little mage. Guess you best stick to bullying the puny little goblins you have sized runy!

Land of New Opportunity

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