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Ilan's Perspective part 2

Ilan's Perspective

So well my speach was well recieved by the academians of this little burg. However a band of goblins had snuck into the town in the midst of the celebrations of the populus. They surprised the town folk an dseveral were killed. My companions for the most part handled themselves well, inititially.

The Halflings were effective with their missle fire, spells, and daggers. The dwarf did well with his axe, initially, but Li Quan seemed dazed and reacted sluggishly, not that I expect much more than that from that oversized thief. Interestingly, several of the second wave of goblins were covered in fire. I was most intrigued and wished to communicate with them to see if we had a similar connection, perhaps they might be able to share some of their insight on fire with me. However this was not to be as the murderous little dwarven sociopath tore into them before I could inact any communication. I tried to get him to stop, but he ignored me. I then moved him with my force magic. This had unforseen consequences, as apparently the little bloodthirsty maniac chose me as his next target. He charged me and hit me heavily with his axe. Once again, the fire inside of me surged forth, giving me strength to with stand the blow and retaliate. He seemed quite surprised when I burst into fire and did not go down. I quickly laid him low with my magic.

Li Quan however, decided that I was a threat and struck me from behind, (like the coward that he is), this rendered me unconcious. However that buffone was not finished with me. He then informed the local temple clergy that I was possessed by some sort of demon. This was further reinforced when they found that they could not heal me nor did any of their spells work on me. Not that this was a suprise to me.

While I was being chained down and being interogated, my “fellows” came up with another idiotic suggestion that I was actually responsible for the goblin raid. None of them apparently could remember that I came to town with them after 10 days at sea, and obviously that the attack was well organized, especially considering that goblins don’t organize. Time that would have been spent on planning, and I was not here to plan. Sigh.

After some convincing, I managed to calm down those of lesser intellects, but was forced to rather rashly incinerate the last of the goblins to prove my loyalty. I am starting to believe that the heat/fire burning inside of me might be related to frustration.

So the next day we headed out to remove one of the goblin clans as a problem to the town. The five us headed out and easily found their trail to their hideout with a scout from the town.

We had to traverse a goblin sized tunnel, witch proved to be problematic for the big cart thief. He slowed us up and kept us from quickly and quietly advancing. Finally after some hours we managed to convince him just to crawl through, no douby the goblins dogs heard us the whole time. We entered a large cavern with a hole large hole in the ground. This was increadably interesting for Scotty and Li Quan. It amazes me to see how important a mundane feature in the landscape can be to my companions. In this case we spent about another hour throwing things into and then lowering Scotty into the hole. Li Quan really wanted to go down, I would not have missed him and it would have saved us trouble later.

Anyway apparently Anna saw an Giant Otter below, Li Quan was still interested in going down until I informed him what most children know about otters. In short that they are sea gowing cousins of dragons that worship goblins and that it could not leave the water it lairs in, because it will sufficate in air. The party seemed confused, but we continued on.

We came across a kennell and left the dogs alone, though Anna, through my urging, set a trap incase someone (a goblin or Li Quan) decided to release them on us. Soon we came to a large rope bridge that left our cliff face on the mainland and went out to a small island about a 70’ off the coast. It appeared that it would be a 120’ drop and the rope bridge looked to be in bad repair, thus dangerous. This inspired Li Quan to come up with an insane plan to charge across one of the rope arms of the rope bridge at full spead and pole vault, using his bamboo stick across the last 20’ or so. I am completely at a loss to explain his reasoning (or lack there of). The party attempted to persuade him to let one of the halfings attempt a crossing first, with a rope.

Some compromise was reached in the end. I am unsure of how come the goblins failed to see or hear us during this time. Finally we allowed Li the idiot to follow through on his plan, with some modification. He had a rope attached to him so that the bloodthirsty, sociopathic dwarf could yank him back if in dire straights. Li the Goon also wanted me to hit him with my Forcewave, if it looked like he was not going to make it on his jump. Reluctantly I agreed.(;>)

Well he started on his suicidal trip and made it easily across the 1st part of the. He began his vault and I immediately realized that he was gonna fail. Scotty later told me that I said “He’s not gonna make it” and I unleased the forcewave in an attempt to save the idiots life. However I apparently underestimated the strength of Li Quan as he had built himself up to a great speed, before my magic hit him. It carried him into and through the stronghold’s barred double wooden door, where he disapeared.

Doak the Dwarven Dolt, was not idle during this time, apparently he was not prepared and was dragged along by the rope, the length of the bridge and also into and throught the double doors, though at ground level.

The halfings and I stood looking out over the ruined rope bridge and into the now ruined double doors of the stronghold. Nothing moved for several long minutes. I was prepared to head home and cut our losses when suddenly Doak came out riding a magic carpet, (Don’t dwarves have a chance of breaking those things, I thought). He was “carting” along a badly injured Li “pole-vaulting door breaker” Quan. Goblins swarmed out after them, some failing to see that the bridge was gone and pushing about half a dozen of their fellows over the cliff. I burned the rope remaining on their side and we rode back to town on the magic carpet. I think that I will try those dwarven spirits again.



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