The SBH Pathfinder Adventures!

Great Goblins 'O Fire

Bunch of flamers...

As the goblin hordes descend on Sandpoint our heroes meet them in battle in the town square. Doak Thunderskull jumps out, eager to get into battle with the wretched things and immediately slays two. Li Quan, still in a daze from his carnal education the previous evening, just can’t seem to connect with his mighty bo staff. Anna Swiftbrook begins sneaking around to flank the unwary foe, but gets surprised by a pack of goblins hiding under a table. Ilan makes short work of the inital pack with his fire magic and Scotty fires a volley of bolts into them as the come. A group of goblins immolate themselves and come dancing down the main street, igniting everything in their path. Just as Doak prepares to lay into them, Ilan levels him with a magical force. Ilan instinctively feels a camaraderie with the flaming humanoids and wished to try to reason with them. Doak comes back with a mighty blow to Ilan, who immediately loses control and ignites himself. He then spouts fire from his hands and nearly kills Doak, rendering him unconscious. Li, getting his head right, steps in and puts a heavy handed blow to knock Ilan out. Turning back to the battle at hand, Li steps in with the halflings and finishes the majority of combat with the aid of Scotty’s Sleep spell. As the heroes catch their breath, they are alerted by screams for help. Alderon Foxglove is being menaced by a heavily armored, solitary goblin mounted upon a mutated dog-like creature. The two halflings and Li rush to his aid and subdue the goblin and kill his mount. Foxglove promises repayment and instructs them to meet him at the Rusty Dragon.

The party returns to the Temple of Desna to seek healing and advice. Li instructs the clergy that he believes Ilan to be tainted by evil and he should be exorcised. They manacle him in a separate room while the party interrogates the goblin commando. They eventually break his spirit and reveal that he is of the Thistletop clan of goblins and they were ordered (possibly by magical means) to burn the town and kill all inhabitants by one who appeared human, but went by no name. They eventually led him to Sheriff Belor Hemlock for judgment.

Meanwhile, all divine magical healing and divination seemed to fail as the acolytes of Sandpoint try desperately to work on Ilan. Puzzled, they consult Father Zantaus for guidance. After an audience with Ilan, Zantaus decides to consult Sheriff Hemlock. Coincidentally the rest of the party believe that Ilan was the human that set the goblins on the town. Hemlock simultaneously sends for the mage to be brought to him. By the time the facts and evidence are compared, Ilan is absolved of any suspicion and quite violently proves no alliance to the hordes resulting a charred goblin corpse.

The heroes split off to their own ways that evening, being hailed as heroes all throughout Sandpoint. Foxglove is at the tavern telling the heroic tale of his rescuers when they arrive. He tends to take a real shining to Anna. Li wanders off to seek “solace” in the bed of Mayor Kendra Deverin. Doak finds peace in cleaning the charred goblin ichor from his armor, but not before offering the groups services to lead a charge against the remaining goblins from Thistletop. His request was answered in the form of a message from Hemlock. The militia is being summoned. The march on the goblin’s lair will come in two days.



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