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Measure Twice, Cut Once

Our party makes it back to Sandpoint mostly intact. Li Quan, though, is in desperate need of healing. Doak Thunderskull sees it necessary to leave the party for a short while to look in to his financial interests back in Korvosa. They arrive at the temple to be met by Father Zantaus who immediately asks if they have achieved victory. The heroes inform him that they goblins would be of no concern to the town anymore. Zantaus calls for an acolyte to come and heal the fallen hero. Dromian comes forth, and after a brief moment of contention with Ilan, sets to work on Li. Li rebounds miraculously from his massive internal wounds, but is still so sore that he just wants a peaceful nights rest. Father Zantaus suggests that since they spend so much time seeking divine healing at his temple, they may benefit from the more permanent company of Dromian. Once the party agrees, the senior priest assigns Dromian to be their spiritual guide. The party takes rest in The Rusty Dragon only to be disturbed once in the early evening. Shalelu Andosana collapsed in town center after her near success with the goblin guerrillas. Anna Swiftbrook offered her a bed to rest in her room for the night.

The morning came and in each room, a note was found slid under the doors. Belor Hemlock and his militia had made it back from dealing with the third problem goblin clan and wished to see the party immediately. He informed them that a murderer was on the loose. The manner of mutilation suggested that it may be a copycat of “The Chopper” from years before. He has thus far kept it hidden from the community at large for fear of panic. His men are beaten and bruised from the combat with the goblins and cannot tackle this alone. There is one other thing. A note that is addressed to Anna. The note was frighteningly intimate and may have suggested that she was next. After receiving several leads from Hemlock, they take off to investigate the scene of the fresh double murder. The sawmill.

They all arrive at the sawmill to view the evidence of a grizzly struggle. The first victim, Katrine, had been put through the log splitter. The other, Harkin, was mauled by something. Attention soon shifts to a mysterious axe in the room. The odor of decaying flesh seems to be coming from it, rather than the bodies who have not yet begun decomposing. Ilan attempts to detect magic and found it radiating with deep necromancy. Meanwhile, the rest of the group have noticed that their new companion, Dromian, has a somewhat different ritual than they’ve seen from most priests. In payment for his service (last rites, healing, blessing) Dromian takes a sliver of flesh and ingests it with his sharp, steel capped teeth. The party begins bickering when Ilan announces his findings. Oblivious to the possible ramifications of her words, Anna simply says, “Burn it”.

Ilan could no longer hold back his impulse. Before the phrase was complete, his eyes lit with flame and he began to feel the glorious heat overtake him. Realizing her mistake, Anna made for the door closely followed by Dromian, Li, and one of the two guards on the crime scene. The other would be lost to the grand explosion. The onlookers were pushed back to safety by the party and the guards, just in time for the methane in the nearby marsh to explode. And explode over and over again. Geysers of flame reached into the sky as the mill burned to ash. Hoping to usher the public to a safer location, Anna tried to explain to the crowd the dangers of the fire, however they were too awestruck to listen. Li stepped in in a menacing fashion and with a poor choice of words intimated that if they didn’t run away, they would be killed next. That put the spurs to them.

Beating a hasty retreat, our heroes were trying to make it out of town to investigate a less public sanatorium when Sheriff Hemlock chased them down in the street. After hearing their side of the story, Hemlock decided that the best place for them, at least for the evening, was jailed.

He's Not Gonna Make It.
Sometimes GM's don't have to work

While planning their raid on the Thistletop clan, Belor Hemlock introduces Shalelu Andosana. Shalelu is an elven ranger who helps keep Sandpoint safe by keeping tabs on the local goblin tribes. She brings disturbing news that the clans seem to be organizing across tribal lines. Sheriff Hemlock is going to lead a force to deal with the clan to the south. Shalelu will be leading a small band to the east. They humbly ask the party to take, what gathered intelligence suggests, the greatly weakened Thistletop clan. The ranger knows a hidden way into their fortress of brambles and briars. She will lead the heroes 6 miles north to this point.

When the team arrives, Shalelu removes the camouflaged covering that conceals the entrance. The heroes enter abnormally thick briars and thorns that have been carved away to make small, tight tunnels. They’re so small, in fact, that Li Quan must be very careful going through. His bulk barely fits and a false step would mean he would be shredded on the vegetation. The halflings, Anna Swiftbrook and Scotty, scout ahead and find a large chamber. There are growls and roars mixed amongst the sounds of the sea coming from a large hole in the eastern portion of the cavern. When the rest of the party catch up, Ilan uses magic to illuminate a stone and make it float in mid-air. They lower the stone to the depth that his magic will allow. When they realize that the shaft is much deeper that what the light can show, they dangle Scotty from a rope and lower him down. Ilan then drops the light which is promptly devoured by the beast. While Scotty didn’t get a good look at the thing, Anna’s keen eyesight reveals that it resembles a massive, angry otter. The heroes press on, ignoring the beast for now, much to Ilan’s dismay. Moving to the next chamber, it appears to be a kennel for the goblin’s mutant canines. Only four animals reside in here now. Anna sets a briar trap that might slow up anyone that would mean to release the hounds.

And then they came upon a rope bridge.

The bridge was incredibly rickety. It was obvious that the weight of the party all at once would certainly collapse the bridge. The plotting against the rope bridge commenced. There was talk of hammer-throwing a halfing across the 70 foot wide chasm to secure another rope to the other side. Though Anna and Scotty were against the idea at first, ultimately it was decided that Li would sprint across the bridge by himself, then pole vault the last bit with his bo staff. As the bridge was deteriorated and there could be patches of slick mold, Ilan was to use a magical push to give Li a boost if it appeared he wouldn’t make it. Doak Thunderskull was to anchor him by tying a rope around his waist. Li was fleet of foot and confident. He made a deft run across the bridge. Once he was within range, he expertly planted his staff on the slick planking and made a truly amazing maneuver to bound onto the mainland. Almost. Ilan misjudged his success. Ilan also misjudged his own magical might. He said, “He’s not gonna make it”. Just as Li’s feet were about to touch the ground, Ilan’s blast impacted him in the back, blowing him through the door and landing him almost dead in the room beyond. Doak was drug along behind, as if waterskiing, and splintered the planks of the bridge beneath his feet. Li and Doak appeared in what could only be described as a trophy room. Poorly preserved heads of dogs, horses, and other animals adorned the walls. Trinketry and assorted objects that most humans take for granted were displayed proudly. Doak was almost immediately drawn to a single piece of real finery in the room. A very fine woven rug with an ancient phrase meaning “Up” embroidered on the edge. Doak spoke the phrase as best his lips could manage and the carpets hovered off the ground. Goblins began to flood the room after the crash. Doak grabbed Li, flew out the remains of the door and into the wild blue yonder. The goblins tried to give chase, but some of them met their demise realizing that their footbridge was no longer in service. The rest of the party stared in awe of the dwarf and monk sailing through the skies.

Ilan's Perspective part 2
Ilan's Perspective

So well my speach was well recieved by the academians of this little burg. However a band of goblins had snuck into the town in the midst of the celebrations of the populus. They surprised the town folk an dseveral were killed. My companions for the most part handled themselves well, inititially.

The Halflings were effective with their missle fire, spells, and daggers. The dwarf did well with his axe, initially, but Li Quan seemed dazed and reacted sluggishly, not that I expect much more than that from that oversized thief. Interestingly, several of the second wave of goblins were covered in fire. I was most intrigued and wished to communicate with them to see if we had a similar connection, perhaps they might be able to share some of their insight on fire with me. However this was not to be as the murderous little dwarven sociopath tore into them before I could inact any communication. I tried to get him to stop, but he ignored me. I then moved him with my force magic. This had unforseen consequences, as apparently the little bloodthirsty maniac chose me as his next target. He charged me and hit me heavily with his axe. Once again, the fire inside of me surged forth, giving me strength to with stand the blow and retaliate. He seemed quite surprised when I burst into fire and did not go down. I quickly laid him low with my magic.

Li Quan however, decided that I was a threat and struck me from behind, (like the coward that he is), this rendered me unconcious. However that buffone was not finished with me. He then informed the local temple clergy that I was possessed by some sort of demon. This was further reinforced when they found that they could not heal me nor did any of their spells work on me. Not that this was a suprise to me.

While I was being chained down and being interogated, my “fellows” came up with another idiotic suggestion that I was actually responsible for the goblin raid. None of them apparently could remember that I came to town with them after 10 days at sea, and obviously that the attack was well organized, especially considering that goblins don’t organize. Time that would have been spent on planning, and I was not here to plan. Sigh.

After some convincing, I managed to calm down those of lesser intellects, but was forced to rather rashly incinerate the last of the goblins to prove my loyalty. I am starting to believe that the heat/fire burning inside of me might be related to frustration.

So the next day we headed out to remove one of the goblin clans as a problem to the town. The five us headed out and easily found their trail to their hideout with a scout from the town.

We had to traverse a goblin sized tunnel, witch proved to be problematic for the big cart thief. He slowed us up and kept us from quickly and quietly advancing. Finally after some hours we managed to convince him just to crawl through, no douby the goblins dogs heard us the whole time. We entered a large cavern with a hole large hole in the ground. This was increadably interesting for Scotty and Li Quan. It amazes me to see how important a mundane feature in the landscape can be to my companions. In this case we spent about another hour throwing things into and then lowering Scotty into the hole. Li Quan really wanted to go down, I would not have missed him and it would have saved us trouble later.

Anyway apparently Anna saw an Giant Otter below, Li Quan was still interested in going down until I informed him what most children know about otters. In short that they are sea gowing cousins of dragons that worship goblins and that it could not leave the water it lairs in, because it will sufficate in air. The party seemed confused, but we continued on.

We came across a kennell and left the dogs alone, though Anna, through my urging, set a trap incase someone (a goblin or Li Quan) decided to release them on us. Soon we came to a large rope bridge that left our cliff face on the mainland and went out to a small island about a 70’ off the coast. It appeared that it would be a 120’ drop and the rope bridge looked to be in bad repair, thus dangerous. This inspired Li Quan to come up with an insane plan to charge across one of the rope arms of the rope bridge at full spead and pole vault, using his bamboo stick across the last 20’ or so. I am completely at a loss to explain his reasoning (or lack there of). The party attempted to persuade him to let one of the halfings attempt a crossing first, with a rope.

Some compromise was reached in the end. I am unsure of how come the goblins failed to see or hear us during this time. Finally we allowed Li the idiot to follow through on his plan, with some modification. He had a rope attached to him so that the bloodthirsty, sociopathic dwarf could yank him back if in dire straights. Li the Goon also wanted me to hit him with my Forcewave, if it looked like he was not going to make it on his jump. Reluctantly I agreed.(;>)

Well he started on his suicidal trip and made it easily across the 1st part of the. He began his vault and I immediately realized that he was gonna fail. Scotty later told me that I said “He’s not gonna make it” and I unleased the forcewave in an attempt to save the idiots life. However I apparently underestimated the strength of Li Quan as he had built himself up to a great speed, before my magic hit him. It carried him into and through the stronghold’s barred double wooden door, where he disapeared.

Doak the Dwarven Dolt, was not idle during this time, apparently he was not prepared and was dragged along by the rope, the length of the bridge and also into and throught the double doors, though at ground level.

The halfings and I stood looking out over the ruined rope bridge and into the now ruined double doors of the stronghold. Nothing moved for several long minutes. I was prepared to head home and cut our losses when suddenly Doak came out riding a magic carpet, (Don’t dwarves have a chance of breaking those things, I thought). He was “carting” along a badly injured Li “pole-vaulting door breaker” Quan. Goblins swarmed out after them, some failing to see that the bridge was gone and pushing about half a dozen of their fellows over the cliff. I burned the rope remaining on their side and we rode back to town on the magic carpet. I think that I will try those dwarven spirits again.

Great Goblins 'O Fire
Bunch of flamers...

As the goblin hordes descend on Sandpoint our heroes meet them in battle in the town square. Doak Thunderskull jumps out, eager to get into battle with the wretched things and immediately slays two. Li Quan, still in a daze from his carnal education the previous evening, just can’t seem to connect with his mighty bo staff. Anna Swiftbrook begins sneaking around to flank the unwary foe, but gets surprised by a pack of goblins hiding under a table. Ilan makes short work of the inital pack with his fire magic and Scotty fires a volley of bolts into them as the come. A group of goblins immolate themselves and come dancing down the main street, igniting everything in their path. Just as Doak prepares to lay into them, Ilan levels him with a magical force. Ilan instinctively feels a camaraderie with the flaming humanoids and wished to try to reason with them. Doak comes back with a mighty blow to Ilan, who immediately loses control and ignites himself. He then spouts fire from his hands and nearly kills Doak, rendering him unconscious. Li, getting his head right, steps in and puts a heavy handed blow to knock Ilan out. Turning back to the battle at hand, Li steps in with the halflings and finishes the majority of combat with the aid of Scotty’s Sleep spell. As the heroes catch their breath, they are alerted by screams for help. Alderon Foxglove is being menaced by a heavily armored, solitary goblin mounted upon a mutated dog-like creature. The two halflings and Li rush to his aid and subdue the goblin and kill his mount. Foxglove promises repayment and instructs them to meet him at the Rusty Dragon.

The party returns to the Temple of Desna to seek healing and advice. Li instructs the clergy that he believes Ilan to be tainted by evil and he should be exorcised. They manacle him in a separate room while the party interrogates the goblin commando. They eventually break his spirit and reveal that he is of the Thistletop clan of goblins and they were ordered (possibly by magical means) to burn the town and kill all inhabitants by one who appeared human, but went by no name. They eventually led him to Sheriff Belor Hemlock for judgment.

Meanwhile, all divine magical healing and divination seemed to fail as the acolytes of Sandpoint try desperately to work on Ilan. Puzzled, they consult Father Zantaus for guidance. After an audience with Ilan, Zantaus decides to consult Sheriff Hemlock. Coincidentally the rest of the party believe that Ilan was the human that set the goblins on the town. Hemlock simultaneously sends for the mage to be brought to him. By the time the facts and evidence are compared, Ilan is absolved of any suspicion and quite violently proves no alliance to the hordes resulting a charred goblin corpse.

The heroes split off to their own ways that evening, being hailed as heroes all throughout Sandpoint. Foxglove is at the tavern telling the heroic tale of his rescuers when they arrive. He tends to take a real shining to Anna. Li wanders off to seek “solace” in the bed of Mayor Kendra Deverin. Doak finds peace in cleaning the charred goblin ichor from his armor, but not before offering the groups services to lead a charge against the remaining goblins from Thistletop. His request was answered in the form of a message from Hemlock. The militia is being summoned. The march on the goblin’s lair will come in two days.

Land of New Opportunity
Welcome to Sandpoint

Our heroes, just emerging from Gaedron Lamm’s lair, are immersed in riots and all manner of civil disobedience. The beloved king of Korvosa is dead and the mostly disdained Queen Ileosa. The citizens have taken to arson, looting, and violence to protest. Structure fires erupt all over the city. The heroes look to the skies to find psuedodragons and ice mephits battling in impressive dog-fight fashion. Seeing the ice devils in the open had an effect on Ilan. He could not contain himself. His eyes glazed over and he started to immolate. Within seconds, he was fully engulfed in flame, but unharmed, and doing battle with the imps himself. The unexpected sight of Ilan’s manifestation of rage took Anna by surprise so much that she hightailed it to the watch house with Scotty to retrieve the cart that their companions relieved Ilan of. The rest of the party took up Ilan’s cause and successfully did battle with the mephits, spraying ice shards over the streets of Korvosa. With the enemy dead, Ilan resumed normalcy and his cart was returned sans his possessions. Everyone pitched in to recover Doak’s stolen merchandise from an abandoned warehouse. They then turned their attention to the brooch. While Ilan and Anna both were in favor of trying to sell the item on the street, Li Quan’s cooler head prevailed and they made their way to the palace.

They were met with some skepticism when they arrived, but were soon ushered into the throne room by a heavily armored aid named Sabina. Queen Ileosa, grief stricken and in mourning gowns, was very pleased to have her property returned in her darkest hour. She rewarded our heroes, not only monetarily, but with the honor of traveling to Sandpoint as Korvosan dignitaries, as she could not spare a single statesman in this time of unrest. They agreed to go and represent the city-state to the best of their abilities.

Setting sail the next day, the trip was uneventful. It was a 10 day travel from Korvosa to Sandpoint. They were greeted at the dock by Mayor Kendra Deverin and her sheriff, Belor Hemlock. Mayor Deverin seemed to take an instant liking to Li, ultimately inviting him to her manor later that evening. They were shown to their rooms at the Rusty Dragon and informed that they would attend the annual Swallowtail Festival the next day as VIP’s. The evening ended as the party relaxed in one form or another. Most retired to their rooms, but Scotty patronized The Pixie’s Kitten and found a striking halfling young lady to sate his appetite. Li took the mayor up on her invitation and was not seen till the next morning.

After dining on an impressive breakfast feast, the events of the festival began. The welcoming speeches seemed to go on and on. Then the swallowtail butterflies were released and the entertainment began. The party even added to the festivities. Scotty played his flute, Li had composed a kata in honor of his fallen master that he performed. Even Ilan gave many lectures which held the attention of the master of the local academy.

The consecration of the evening came at dusk when Father Zantus took the podium. Just as he began to speak, screams came from the crowd. Then more screams from another direction. When the streets began to clear, our heroes can see a raiding party of goblins have taken strategic placement and have begun to pillage.

Ilan's Perspective
Ilan's Perspective

Just a quick glance at the thoughts of Ilan.

Journal Entry- I have not recorded anyhting in a journal before, but it feel right to document the events that have happened. The event that took place in the Korvosan streets needed to be understood, so I will try to better understand it within these pages.

I never quite understood the beliefs of others in regards to dieties, until I was struck by the absolute evilness, of all that which is cold. As I observed the maelstrom of heroic small dragons fighting off the hoard of ice mephits over the skies of Korvosa, I was given an insite of obviously dietic proportions. I saw the outnumbered little dragons using the heat from their own tiny bodies to protect the city from the malicious attentions of those foul ice demons and came to see what the god(s) were really attempting to show us. It was so simple, it amazed me that it took so long for me to recognize the truth, perhaps my memory loss has something to do with it.

Any how, I feel that the image was divinely granted to me to set me on this path. I feel that it has become my reponsibilty to spread the flames of life. In this I realized that I have been gifted with some control over fire. In fact I am sure that I will discover more about this gift as I learn about myself. Watching those little dragons fall frozen to the ground sent such a fire of rage through me that I apparently burst into flames. It felt incredible, though I could feel a wildness attempt to surge out of me, but I kept managed to keep control. I used this inner fire to burn down several of the ice imps and with my companions Doak and Li, managed to turn the tide. Though we all suffered some form of injury, (though my inner fire reduced mine), I could tell that my companions also have an inner fire, perhaps I can even learn more about myself from them.

So I have never met royalty before, the queem looks just like any other human female that I have encountered. She was dressed all in the cloths of mourning, after the recent death of her husband. She did make us (a collection of different individuals from Korvosa as well as farther realms) into her diplomats to some far little town called Sandpoint. I am curious as to why she would send strangers away with such a task, when half of us are not even her subjects. She was grateful when we returned her broach to her, but the fires inside of me made me feel ill at ease, as if something were wrong. . . I will think on this more.

So now onto my companions. We have decided to travel together as the queens diplomats, perhaps this task will open other doors for us.

Scotty is the male halfling. He is never without his flute and is quite talented at making noise with it. Other people seem to enjoy the sounds that he creates. He is partially responsible for going an getting my cart back after Li took it. I think that I can trust him.

Anna Swiftbrook is the female halfling, as far as I can tell there is no relationship between them. She appears to be quite excitable and has a strong blood thirstyness, though this maybe some manifestation of her inner fire. I have also seen that she is hungry enough to steal moldy bread from a man’s pocket while Scotty is performing. She bares constant watching.

Kristov is a priest of some diety. He is a young man who will strike down those who have offended his diety with fire. I feel that I can work with him.

Doak Thunderskull is a young, hearty dwarven warrior out to see the world. He showed his skill in the fight with the ice imps. He is couragous and burns with a heroic fire. He is also level headed and I am sure he will be most interested in my work as a scribe as I spent much time on dwarven archetecture and engineering, I feel that I could probably discuss the matter as a sage, so he should be thrilled to listen to me.

Li Quan is a young Chelaxian who is entirely devoted to the wellness of the body, mind, and spirit. He is a dunderhead who takes peoples carts and posessions without permission, though he did pay me back in compensation for the loss of my items. He seems to also follow his inner flame, and therefor could be useful.

Further note when we arrived at Sandpoint, I introduced myself to the mayor and offered my services as a lecturer on matters ranging from dwarven engineering (Doak seemed to grow weary of the topic during our ten days at sea) to mating rituals of bats. She agreed, but was no ware to be found when I gave my lectures. They did go over well with the towns acadamians.

Ye Olde Fishery
What Stinks?

Tonight our heroes went into the bowels of the old fishery in search of Gaedron Lamm. Anna Swiftbrook took the lead to scout and found some key information. The main form of security was an old dog that was never alerted to their presence. She reconnoitered what rooms she could see into successfully and a plan was hatched. She and Li Quan disguised themselves respectively as a young orphan for labor and one of Lamm’s thugs. Li kicked open the door to the workfloor where a sweatshop was operated and threw in Anna. Anna posed as a worker to gain Hookshanks Gruller, the foreman’s trust. Then she gutted him from behind. Scotty rushed in with a sleep sonnet to put the child workers at ease and the team quickly carried them all from harms way. But that wasn’t quite good enough for Kristov and Li. They made off with an unattended cart to carry the children to the City Watch. When they returned, the owner of the cart, Ilan was standing where the cart should have been looking quite perturbed and confused.

While they were arguing matters over the cart, Anna slinked away and began pulling adversaried out of the fishery one at a time. The first enemy worked like a charm, but when she went back, the other hooligans and their workmaster, Giggles, got wise. They rushed her through a side door. While the youngsters feet were light and nimble across the rickety planks, the half-orc was not. He plummeted through the rotten boards to find a jigsaw shark awaiting him below. It was a brutal battle that left both dead. The other 3 of Lamm’s lambs were quickly dispatched. The one named Willam was incinerated by Kristov. Li merely frightened one into submission and subdued the other despite Anna’s pleas to make him die.

They entered into the fishery to meet Yargin Balko. Balko knew there were intruders and was ready for them. He wasn’t ready for the behemoth monk leaping over 15 feet to deliver a massive blow from his staff. Balko managed a single successful hit from his wand of acid spray, but it was inconsequential. Li had rendered him unconscious. When he came to, the group intimidated him into telling where Lamm could be found. He sung like a canary.

To reach Lamm, the team had to board a spider infested abandoned ship hull. Once aboard, they went through the arachnids quick enough and down to Lamm’s lair.

They had heard some rustling at the door of Lamm’s hideout, but no one came through the door. What they had heard was Lamm, knowing an attack was imminent, shot his own pet alligator to enrage it then run back in to his chambers to barricade himself in. When they burst through the door, the alligator rushed them. Everyone got into the melee’ and put an end to it. But Lamm was ready. When the broke down his door, he spent a wicked adamantine bolt on Li, the largest threat. Li crumpled, nearly dead but Kristov quickly revived him. Anna and Scotty distracted Lamm until Li could gain ground and subdue him with a brutal staff blow.

When Lamm finally woke, he was questioned about all of the wrongdoing he had perpetrated on the party. He was completely indignant. Anna had had enough and slipped by the rest of the party. She drove her dagger through his manhood. Lamm’s heart couldn’t take the pain nor the shock. He expired. The group found all of their missing goods in his quarters. In addition they found Queen Ileosa’s long missing brooch, worth a small fortune in reward.

They also discover a grim secret. In a hat box, covered in flies, they find the head of Zellara. Her Harrow Deck was locked in a footlocker. It seems that when Zellara confronted Lamm over the murder of her son, Lamm had her executed. It was her spirit that had commisioned the heroes to exact revenge and justice on Lamm and his cohorts.

When they surface from the fishery, it is apparent that something is drastically wrong. The city is in flames. Anarchy has taken the streets. Roving mobs are looting and torching everything in site. The cryer calls out, “The King is dead, long live the Queen” while the mobs answer, “The Queen is a whore!!”. In the mere hours our heroes were fighting their battles, the entire city-state of Korvosa has been turned insideo out.

Getting to know all about you...
A Common Enemy

Each member of the party is individually delivered a hand written note on a card giving them an address to meet to discuss the dispatch of a common enemy, Gaedron Lamm. When they arrive at the location, they meet each other for the first time and almost everyone is a bit suspicious, expecting a trap. Once everyone is settled in around dusk, Zellara makes her entrance and explains that she knows where Lamm is located and can help them seek their vengeance. The party meets at her residence early the next morning and depart for the docks to the old fishery where Lamm and his band of hooligans are holed up.


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