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Land of New Opportunity
Welcome to Sandpoint

Our heroes, just emerging from Gaedron Lamm’s lair, are immersed in riots and all manner of civil disobedience. The beloved king of Korvosa is dead and the mostly disdained Queen Ileosa. The citizens have taken to arson, looting, and violence to protest. Structure fires erupt all over the city. The heroes look to the skies to find psuedodragons and ice mephits battling in impressive dog-fight fashion. Seeing the ice devils in the open had an effect on Ilan. He could not contain himself. His eyes glazed over and he started to immolate. Within seconds, he was fully engulfed in flame, but unharmed, and doing battle with the imps himself. The unexpected sight of Ilan’s manifestation of rage took Anna by surprise so much that she hightailed it to the watch house with Scotty to retrieve the cart that their companions relieved Ilan of. The rest of the party took up Ilan’s cause and successfully did battle with the mephits, spraying ice shards over the streets of Korvosa. With the enemy dead, Ilan resumed normalcy and his cart was returned sans his possessions. Everyone pitched in to recover Doak’s stolen merchandise from an abandoned warehouse. They then turned their attention to the brooch. While Ilan and Anna both were in favor of trying to sell the item on the street, Li Quan’s cooler head prevailed and they made their way to the palace.

They were met with some skepticism when they arrived, but were soon ushered into the throne room by a heavily armored aid named Sabina. Queen Ileosa, grief stricken and in mourning gowns, was very pleased to have her property returned in her darkest hour. She rewarded our heroes, not only monetarily, but with the honor of traveling to Sandpoint as Korvosan dignitaries, as she could not spare a single statesman in this time of unrest. They agreed to go and represent the city-state to the best of their abilities.

Setting sail the next day, the trip was uneventful. It was a 10 day travel from Korvosa to Sandpoint. They were greeted at the dock by Mayor Kendra Deverin and her sheriff, Belor Hemlock. Mayor Deverin seemed to take an instant liking to Li, ultimately inviting him to her manor later that evening. They were shown to their rooms at the Rusty Dragon and informed that they would attend the annual Swallowtail Festival the next day as VIP’s. The evening ended as the party relaxed in one form or another. Most retired to their rooms, but Scotty patronized The Pixie’s Kitten and found a striking halfling young lady to sate his appetite. Li took the mayor up on her invitation and was not seen till the next morning.

After dining on an impressive breakfast feast, the events of the festival began. The welcoming speeches seemed to go on and on. Then the swallowtail butterflies were released and the entertainment began. The party even added to the festivities. Scotty played his flute, Li had composed a kata in honor of his fallen master that he performed. Even Ilan gave many lectures which held the attention of the master of the local academy.

The consecration of the evening came at dusk when Father Zantus took the podium. Just as he began to speak, screams came from the crowd. Then more screams from another direction. When the streets began to clear, our heroes can see a raiding party of goblins have taken strategic placement and have begun to pillage.

Ilan's Perspective
Ilan's Perspective

Just a quick glance at the thoughts of Ilan.

Journal Entry- I have not recorded anyhting in a journal before, but it feel right to document the events that have happened. The event that took place in the Korvosan streets needed to be understood, so I will try to better understand it within these pages.

I never quite understood the beliefs of others in regards to dieties, until I was struck by the absolute evilness, of all that which is cold. As I observed the maelstrom of heroic small dragons fighting off the hoard of ice mephits over the skies of Korvosa, I was given an insite of obviously dietic proportions. I saw the outnumbered little dragons using the heat from their own tiny bodies to protect the city from the malicious attentions of those foul ice demons and came to see what the god(s) were really attempting to show us. It was so simple, it amazed me that it took so long for me to recognize the truth, perhaps my memory loss has something to do with it.

Any how, I feel that the image was divinely granted to me to set me on this path. I feel that it has become my reponsibilty to spread the flames of life. In this I realized that I have been gifted with some control over fire. In fact I am sure that I will discover more about this gift as I learn about myself. Watching those little dragons fall frozen to the ground sent such a fire of rage through me that I apparently burst into flames. It felt incredible, though I could feel a wildness attempt to surge out of me, but I kept managed to keep control. I used this inner fire to burn down several of the ice imps and with my companions Doak and Li, managed to turn the tide. Though we all suffered some form of injury, (though my inner fire reduced mine), I could tell that my companions also have an inner fire, perhaps I can even learn more about myself from them.

So I have never met royalty before, the queem looks just like any other human female that I have encountered. She was dressed all in the cloths of mourning, after the recent death of her husband. She did make us (a collection of different individuals from Korvosa as well as farther realms) into her diplomats to some far little town called Sandpoint. I am curious as to why she would send strangers away with such a task, when half of us are not even her subjects. She was grateful when we returned her broach to her, but the fires inside of me made me feel ill at ease, as if something were wrong. . . I will think on this more.

So now onto my companions. We have decided to travel together as the queens diplomats, perhaps this task will open other doors for us.

Scotty is the male halfling. He is never without his flute and is quite talented at making noise with it. Other people seem to enjoy the sounds that he creates. He is partially responsible for going an getting my cart back after Li took it. I think that I can trust him.

Anna Swiftbrook is the female halfling, as far as I can tell there is no relationship between them. She appears to be quite excitable and has a strong blood thirstyness, though this maybe some manifestation of her inner fire. I have also seen that she is hungry enough to steal moldy bread from a man’s pocket while Scotty is performing. She bares constant watching.

Kristov is a priest of some diety. He is a young man who will strike down those who have offended his diety with fire. I feel that I can work with him.

Doak Thunderskull is a young, hearty dwarven warrior out to see the world. He showed his skill in the fight with the ice imps. He is couragous and burns with a heroic fire. He is also level headed and I am sure he will be most interested in my work as a scribe as I spent much time on dwarven archetecture and engineering, I feel that I could probably discuss the matter as a sage, so he should be thrilled to listen to me.

Li Quan is a young Chelaxian who is entirely devoted to the wellness of the body, mind, and spirit. He is a dunderhead who takes peoples carts and posessions without permission, though he did pay me back in compensation for the loss of my items. He seems to also follow his inner flame, and therefor could be useful.

Further note when we arrived at Sandpoint, I introduced myself to the mayor and offered my services as a lecturer on matters ranging from dwarven engineering (Doak seemed to grow weary of the topic during our ten days at sea) to mating rituals of bats. She agreed, but was no ware to be found when I gave my lectures. They did go over well with the towns acadamians.

Ye Olde Fishery
What Stinks?

Tonight our heroes went into the bowels of the old fishery in search of Gaedron Lamm. Anna Swiftbrook took the lead to scout and found some key information. The main form of security was an old dog that was never alerted to their presence. She reconnoitered what rooms she could see into successfully and a plan was hatched. She and Li Quan disguised themselves respectively as a young orphan for labor and one of Lamm’s thugs. Li kicked open the door to the workfloor where a sweatshop was operated and threw in Anna. Anna posed as a worker to gain Hookshanks Gruller, the foreman’s trust. Then she gutted him from behind. Scotty rushed in with a sleep sonnet to put the child workers at ease and the team quickly carried them all from harms way. But that wasn’t quite good enough for Kristov and Li. They made off with an unattended cart to carry the children to the City Watch. When they returned, the owner of the cart, Ilan was standing where the cart should have been looking quite perturbed and confused.

While they were arguing matters over the cart, Anna slinked away and began pulling adversaried out of the fishery one at a time. The first enemy worked like a charm, but when she went back, the other hooligans and their workmaster, Giggles, got wise. They rushed her through a side door. While the youngsters feet were light and nimble across the rickety planks, the half-orc was not. He plummeted through the rotten boards to find a jigsaw shark awaiting him below. It was a brutal battle that left both dead. The other 3 of Lamm’s lambs were quickly dispatched. The one named Willam was incinerated by Kristov. Li merely frightened one into submission and subdued the other despite Anna’s pleas to make him die.

They entered into the fishery to meet Yargin Balko. Balko knew there were intruders and was ready for them. He wasn’t ready for the behemoth monk leaping over 15 feet to deliver a massive blow from his staff. Balko managed a single successful hit from his wand of acid spray, but it was inconsequential. Li had rendered him unconscious. When he came to, the group intimidated him into telling where Lamm could be found. He sung like a canary.

To reach Lamm, the team had to board a spider infested abandoned ship hull. Once aboard, they went through the arachnids quick enough and down to Lamm’s lair.

They had heard some rustling at the door of Lamm’s hideout, but no one came through the door. What they had heard was Lamm, knowing an attack was imminent, shot his own pet alligator to enrage it then run back in to his chambers to barricade himself in. When they burst through the door, the alligator rushed them. Everyone got into the melee’ and put an end to it. But Lamm was ready. When the broke down his door, he spent a wicked adamantine bolt on Li, the largest threat. Li crumpled, nearly dead but Kristov quickly revived him. Anna and Scotty distracted Lamm until Li could gain ground and subdue him with a brutal staff blow.

When Lamm finally woke, he was questioned about all of the wrongdoing he had perpetrated on the party. He was completely indignant. Anna had had enough and slipped by the rest of the party. She drove her dagger through his manhood. Lamm’s heart couldn’t take the pain nor the shock. He expired. The group found all of their missing goods in his quarters. In addition they found Queen Ileosa’s long missing brooch, worth a small fortune in reward.

They also discover a grim secret. In a hat box, covered in flies, they find the head of Zellara. Her Harrow Deck was locked in a footlocker. It seems that when Zellara confronted Lamm over the murder of her son, Lamm had her executed. It was her spirit that had commisioned the heroes to exact revenge and justice on Lamm and his cohorts.

When they surface from the fishery, it is apparent that something is drastically wrong. The city is in flames. Anarchy has taken the streets. Roving mobs are looting and torching everything in site. The cryer calls out, “The King is dead, long live the Queen” while the mobs answer, “The Queen is a whore!!”. In the mere hours our heroes were fighting their battles, the entire city-state of Korvosa has been turned insideo out.

Getting to know all about you...
A Common Enemy

Each member of the party is individually delivered a hand written note on a card giving them an address to meet to discuss the dispatch of a common enemy, Gaedron Lamm. When they arrive at the location, they meet each other for the first time and almost everyone is a bit suspicious, expecting a trap. Once everyone is settled in around dusk, Zellara makes her entrance and explains that she knows where Lamm is located and can help them seek their vengeance. The party meets at her residence early the next morning and depart for the docks to the old fishery where Lamm and his band of hooligans are holed up.


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