Tall and slim, Ilan is not much to look at. Dark hair and dark beard, his eyes are a brownish-red, with an occasional flects/flares of yellow and orange. His dress style is funcional and shows little flair. In fact the only really noticable thing about Ilan is the white stains that flow down his left shoulder, curtesy of his familiar. He does not seem to notice the smell or appearance.

Ilan appears to have no sense of humor and shows little emotion. He sometimes seems to give a glassy eyed stare as if he were listening to a different conversation or might not be there at all. Closer examination of Ilan allows those to see that fire that burns inside.

Ilan is extremely focused and narrow-minded. Once he sets himself to a task, he will doggedly follow it to completion. He has great difficult in adapting to situations that seem to spring up out of nowhere. He is entirely focused on finding out his past.


Ilan does not know his own history. Three years ago, he awoke to find himself in Cheliax. The only thing that he could remember about his past was one word, temor. Ilan knew the language, but no body recognized him as a native. He did immediately impressed them with his intellect and easily found work as a scribe.

Slowly, he began to learn things about himself, such that he had some talent for magic, especially fire and divinational magiks. After about a month, he had a pigeon begin to follow him around and soon learned he could communicate with it and it would follow his commands. He named the pigeon Temor, so that he could always keep that word in his mind, in hopes of finding his past.

So for the next 2 years he worked as a scribe at several places, basically until they could no longer stand the smell of dried pigeon shit. (Ilan has no sense of smell). In his off hours, he pursued his past, but came up empty in each possible lead.

Finally, Ilan decided to take his cart on the road to try and find out more about his past. Over the next half year he traveled throughout the world, often with caravans and on ships, paying for his way with his use of magic, scribing, as well as his linguistics.

Several things that Ilan learned over this time are that when his pigeon familiar dies, another soon takes it’s place, after naming several, he has just decided to call any new ones Temor. Also he has learned that when he was injured in a fight with pirates, that he could not be healed by a priest. He visited several others, only to find the same result. Eventually a spell came to his mind and he found that he could heal himself. Several of the priests even suggested that he was cursed and that no godsman could help him. He has also found that he seemed to learn a language just from hearing it. This has allowed him to be able to work as a translator on his travels as well.


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