Li Quan

Human Monk


Strength :20 Dexterity :18 Constitut :16 Intelligce :16 Wisdom :17 Charisma :16

Ac:17 HP:11

Fort +5 Reflex +6 Will +5


Li Quan was raised in the Steel Talon Shaolin monastery. As a devotee of Irori, the God of perfection, Li Quan has devoted his life to extreme physical training and regimen. (I swear I rolled this guy in front of everyone!). Li’s master Shin Lu sent him out into the world after a gang of thugs attacked the supreme master of the monastery. Li was instructed to convince the man to change his life, not just crush him. Li quan believes that he has been chosen by Irori to seek the Way of the Supreme master, to bring His wisdom to the world, and make it a better place. He seeks the way of peace, but isnt afraid to lay down the Iron Pigtail if necessary.

Li Quan

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